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Are you finishing up your first year at BYU and looking to move off campus? You’ve come to the right place. Moving is a lot of work, and when not done properly it can be a nightmare. Here we have compiled a list of four important things to do in the process of moving.

Plan Ahead.

If you’re reading this article right now, you’re already thinking about moving and forming a plan in your mind. Failure to plan ahead will leave you staying up until 2 am trying to pack everything and fit it into your car. How much stuff are you bringing? How far away are you moving from? Consider these things, and ask someone to help you move ahead of time. If you don’t have very much stuff you may be able to do it on your own, but it’s always better to play it on the safe side. Try asking someone who isn’t moving into the same university apartments in Provo, as they will likely be busy with moving themselves. Make a plan for your large items; think about how you can pack it, if it can be made smaller, and if it will fit in a car or if you need a truck.

Always Be Prepared.

Not being prepared to move in or out of your BYU off-campus housing can easily become a catastrophe. It is important to know what supplies you need, such as boxes, sharpies, packing tape, bags, packing paper, etc.. Super large boxes should only be filled with light objects like blankets or plastic tupperwares. Fill a large box with textbooks and you won’t be able to lift it at all. Label all of your packages with what they are, and your name to avoid confusion. Packing tape is so so important if you don’t want your boxes to fall apart.

Organization Is Your Friend.

When packing, it seems like the easiest thing to do is shove everything in the nearest box. Don’t do this! After you pack and move everything, you’ll have to unpack all of it. When packing, keep small items in zip-lock bags or other containers, and put those small containers into boxes. Keep similar items together, and categorize them for what makes sense for you. In general, don’t put your clothes with your dishes, or your cleaning supplies with your food. Use packing paper in-between dishes to keep them from breaking. If you’re moving home for the summer, you can keep all of your school supplies in one or two boxes and leave them in the box until it’s time to move back to BYU off-campus housing.

Know What You’ll Eat.

Most of the time, you can buy new groceries after you move to avoid having to pack and move your whole pantry. When moving into university housing in Provo such as Crestwood, there are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores nearby. If you have the space and would like to pack food, make sure you have a cooler to keep all of your refrigerated items safe. If there are some easy meals you like to make, keep the ingredients for those in one box so you can easily make them. Food is definitely the first thing you’ll want to unpack.

Are you still looking for an amazing BYU student living experience? Check out Crestwood! When you’re moving in, don’t forget to make a plan, be prepared, organize, and think about food. Good luck with your move, and we hope to see you soon!