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If you’re new to Provo, welcome! Many people move here to study at BYU or UVU and live in off-campus housing by BYU. You may find yourself in a new place and wanting to get out and explore, but not know where to start. In this post we’ve listed a few local places you can try out.

BYU Museum of Art

The BYU Museum of Art is stunning. When you first enter you see a beautiful prismic rainbow string installation. They have different exhibits and collections featured from time to time, and there are some pieces that always stay. For all of you living in student housing by BYU, guess what? Admission is free!

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is perfect for nature lovers who aren’t avid hikers. The trail to the falls is fully paved, and a nice park-like setting with plenty of trees. It’s a little less than a mile walk to falls, and even little kids can do this ‘hike’ with ease. When you reach the end you can soak your feet in the water and admire the beautiful view. Need someone to go with you? Grab some of your roommates from your college apartment by BYU, I’m sure they could use the outside time too.

Splash Summit

Splash Summit, previously known as Seven Peaks Water Park, is an epic water slide park. Unlike Bridal Veil Falls and the BYU MOA, it is not free, but if you plan to be here in the summer, getting a season pass may be well worth it. Your student apartments by BYU might have a pool, but it can’t compare to Splash Summit’s giant wave pool, lazy river, or hundred foot tall slides.

Provo Beach

If you live in student housing near BYU, I’m sure you’ve heard of Provo Beach. Whether you want to try out surfing, their tall ropes course, or just eat some ice cream, Provo beach is sure to entertain. You can even play in the arcade, try out bowling, or laser tag! Want to try it all? Consider their $20 day passport.

The BYU Museum of Art, Bridal Veil Falls, Splash Summit, and Provo Beach are some well known fun attractions in Provo. There are also many hidden gems if you know where to look. Ask a community manager in your college apartment by BYU if they have any favorites, and they’ll be able to tell you even more fun things to do in the area. Enjoy your time here in Provo, and have fun safely!